We are very excited to announce the official release of the DVD for the film! The DVD is currently available here, directly from the filmmakers, or through Amazon.
For fans of the film, the DVD is loaded with extras. In addition to the full film (with 5.1 surround sound) the DVD and BluRay both include an additional 20 minutes of material. The extras have extended in depth interviews with some of our film's subjects, some prominent hackers not featured in the documentary, more analysis and thoughts on Wikileaks, further discussion about Anonymous member-turned-FBI informant Sabu, and thoughts from tech author and speaker Richard Thieme on how technology is re-wiring our brains and why hackers need to nurture their "dark side." 
As usual we appreciate the support! Independent films wedged between a largely corporatized national news media and a blockbuster-driven SOPA-supporting Hollywood often face an uphill battle. In the spirit of the film should we make back our costs, we are donating ten percent of profits to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and another portion to Free Anons and to other human rights, or technology groups we think are behaving well defending human rights or freedom of speech in a digital age. Every other penny we make will go to creating disruptive documentaries about compelling stories and people we think are re-shaping our world. 
Thank you for supporting independent film!